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  Reservationless Audio Conferencing
Launch offers a unique reservation-free teleconferencing service that provides you with one dial-in number and a pass code(s) that’s always in effect so you never have to reserve another conference. You have the freedom to conference whenever you want, for as long as you like and with any number of participants. We guarantee that we will always have enough capacity to handle your call. You also have the added comfort of knowing that Launch operators are always available to assist you at any time before, during or after your conference.

  Conference Controls
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  Customizing Your Conference

When you enrol in our Reservationless Audio Conferencing service Launch will completely customize the functionality. Here are your options:

Entry/Exit Tones – Distinct tones let you know when participants enter or exit the call. The default is to have the tones activated. If you organize large calls (30+ participants), you might consider removing the tones.

Name Prompt – Incoming participants are prompted to record their names prior to entering the call. The Moderator can press *8 at any time to listen to an automated roll call which plays the participants’ recorded names.

Name Announce – If you choose Name Prompt, you can also have the participants’ names played into the call as they enter or leave the conference. This feature adds to the security of a call. You might not want to use this in a large call setting.

Live Entry/ Participant Wait – You have the choice of allowing your participants to speak amongst themselves before the Moderator has joined the call or have them on hold with music until the Moderator has joined the call. Once you have entered your Moderator pass-code, all people on the call will be able to communicate immediately.

Call Record – Should you wish to record your Call, you can do this by simply pressing *4 once you have entered the conference. After your Call is completed, you will receive an email which will provide you Replay information for the call recording. If you require a CD of your recording simply reply to the email selecting the shipping method.

Replay Service – Your call recording is immediately downloaded into our Replay system, where it can be accessed by using a touch-tone phone. You will receive an email containing your dial-in number and pass-code for people wishing to listen to your recording via the phone, or a URL to listen to the call on the web.

Reference Codes – Select this option when you need to associate an individual teleconference to a particular accounting matter or customer code, etc. You will be prompted to enter a numerical code of your choice when you enter your teleconference. We will then track and report the teleconferencing usage by that Reference Code.

Personalized Pass-Codes – You will receive unique, system generated pass-codes for your teleconference. Your codes can be changed as long as the revised codes are not already in use.